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March 2, 2021
June 15, 2021

Always Yours, Bee

“There’s a guy. He was hit by a truck.”

On a cold, rainy November day, Mia Hayes’ husband left for work on his Vespa. Mia would have normally driven him, but she was waiting on a phone call with an editor and didn’t have time.

She never saw that caring, loving version of her husband again.

The fallout from his accident—Mia’s guilt and her husband’s PTSD, memory loss, and depression—consumed their lives over the next year-and-a-half as her laid-back husband changed into an angry man with few memories of their past. Desperate to hold her fragile family together, Mia ignored her own unraveling.

Then, early one morning, she discovered an affair her husband began on the anniversary of his accident. Exhausted from trying to fix him, Mia sent her children to her parents and fled to Paris. As her husband worked to repair their marriage and gain back Mia’s trust, she fell deeper into depression and their reconciliation seemed impossible.

Through ups and downs, mental illness and bad decisions, Mia struggled with what it means to be a good wife and mother, whether saving her marriage was worth the pain, and understanding that healing is a personal journey.